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The Best Work You May Never See: PPL Utilities' "Paperless"


Tuesday, Aug. 7, 2007


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A fallen tree stand back up and is again healthy and rooted in soil--as is another tree and yet another to demonstrate how PPL's paperless billing system can save trees and help the environment.


Agency: McCaffery Gottlieb Lane, New York Roy Herbert, art director; John Peebles, copywriter; Lisa Goore, producer. Production Company: MassMarket Chris Staves and Marco Spier, directors; Justin Lane, executive producer; Nick Litwinko, producer; Jennifer Treuting, assistant producer; Steve Koster, live-action DP. Postproduction: Company 3 Victor Mulholland, colorist. Visual Effects: MassMarket Chris Staves, Flame artist; Ann Vu, designer; Florian Witzel, lead technical director; Jeffrey Dates, Kris Rivel, Jacob Slutsky, Pakorn Bupphavesa, technical directors; Justin Burtin, John Clausing, Chris Santioanni, Boris Ustaev, Todd Akita, 3D artists; Chris West, 2D artist; Joon Lee, modeler; Leslie Chung, lead rotoscoper; Carlos Rosario, Stefania Gallico, Will Frazier, rotoscopers; Mark Brith, storyboard artist. Music: Q Department, New York Naren Rauch, Drazen Bosnjak, composers Sound Design: Q Department, New York Drazen Bosnjak, sound designer. Audio: Color Kevin Halpin

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