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Top Spot of the Week: Miller Lite's "Break From The Crowd"


Friday, Jul. 27, 2007


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A skyscraper tall creature marching through the city sucks up all humanity in its wake, getting larger with each person it attaches to its growing body. But a lone man breaks free by merely asking for a Miller Lite at a bar below. You can either conform or be different--the latter gets you free from the mindless herd.


Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky Alex Bogusky, chief creative officer; Tim Roper, Paul Keister, creative directors; Mike Howard, associate creative director/copywriter; Kevin Koller, associate creative director/art director; Matt Bonin, executive producer. Production Company: Believe Media Zack Snyder, director; Gerard Cantor, executive producer; Kendall Henry, producer; Matt Mania, DP. Editorial: Rock Paper Scissors Noah Herzog, editor. Postproduction: Company 3 Los Angeles Stefan Sonnenfeld, colorist. Visual Effects: Method Alex Frisch, lead 2D artist; James LeBlock, lead 3D artist; Gil Baron, CG technical supervisor; Laurent Ledru, 3D creative supervisor; Alex Kolasinski, Cedric Nicolas, Jake Montgomery, Katrina Salicrup, Kyle Obley, Sarah Eim, 2D artists; Sean Durnan, Chi Wei Hsu, Joon Lee, Chris Smallfield, Matt Wheeler, Ryan Apuy, Felix Urquiza, Emilio Villaraba, Christina Lee, Phil Hartman, Didier Levy, 3D artists; Kathy Siegal, VFX shoot supervisor; Hai Nguyen, software de

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