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iSPOT of the Week: HGTV's "Vegas Sizzles"


Tuesday, Jul. 17, 2007


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HGTV is promoting the second season of "Design Star," which starts July 22, with a long form video that plays at
    "Vegas Sizzles," shot in Las Vegas, where the show takes place, features three elements -- casino footage at the beginning of the film, which sets the tone; footage from the show that shows the host, Clive Pearse and the designers; and footage from the title sequence, which wraps the film.
    Sedna Films shot the casino footage during a one day shoot at the Aladdin Casino. Belief, a design and live action studio, which shot the title credits for the first seaon of the show, did a shoot in Vegas green screening the cast members so they could be inserted into existing footage to conclude the film.



Production Company: Sedna Films Director: Damon Fortier; Executive Producer: Dirk Detweiler; Head of Production: Heather Weinstock; Production Supervisor: Hillary Caviness; DP: Jim Belkin; 1st AC: Steven Mattson; 2nd AC: Chad Eshbaugh; Steadicam: Todd Kirchner; Gaffer: David Besdesky; Best Boy Electric: Richard Seaman; Swing: Johnny Gray; Key Grip: Scott Froschauer; Best Boy Grip: Jon Dwyer; Make up: Barbara Batterman; Costume Supervisor: Anita King; Sound Mixer: Chuck Bejarno; VTR: Ron Brassi; Script: Vicki Henry; Art Director: Charles Nance; Leadman: Brad McFadden; Art PA: Tom Moese; Locations: Lloyd Ellis; PAs: Ryan Mappala, Jesse Oquist, Gus Moya Postproduction: Belief Design Director/Creative Director: Mike Goedecke; Executive Producer on Production: Marie Soto; Art Director: Stanley Ng; Executive Producer on Post: Terry O'Gara

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