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iSPOT of the Week: Microsoft Zune's "Dogfight"


Monday, Jul. 9, 2007


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An animated film that shows a fantasy encounter between two fighter plane warriors is being used to promote the Microsoft Zune digital music player.
    Fulltank/Santa Monica, the design/animation studio, combined traditional hand drawn cel animation with 3D elements to create the 60 second video, which begins with a torpedo battle between the two fighter pilots and ends with a peaceful sequence in which the pilots fly off together, one riding on the other plane's tail pipe, which promotes the Zune theme of friendship.


Agency: 72andSunny Creative Directors: Glenn Cole, John Boiler; Writer: Jason Norcross; Art Director: Bryan Rowles; Producer: Rebekah Mateu; Executive Producer: Sam Baerwald; Brand Manager: Jessice Lewis Audio: Lime Studios Sound Designer/Mixer: Rohan Young; Assistant Mixer: Joel Waters Animation: Fulltank Creative Director, Director: Chris Do; Executive Director: Ben Morris; Art Director, Character Developer: Ronald Kurniawan; Jr. Art Director: Jonathan Kim; Cell Animation Directors: Jason Brubaker, Taik Lee; Cell Animation, Special Effects: Noe Garcia; 3-D Modeling Animation: Ian Mankowski, Omar Gatica, Aaron Knapp; Design/Animation: Jonathan Kim, Aaron Knapp, Ryan Choi, Jennifer Lee

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