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Top Spot of the Week: Lexus "Best"


Monday, Jul. 2, 2007


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A golfer hits the links to see other similarly attired hackers practicing their drives on the links. He looks back to see their faces--and they're all his. One guy shanks his drive to the left, another hits hit just a few feet. Just as our protagonist is about to hit a long drive towards the green, a super appears which asks, "Which golfer will you be?" This is followed by a super which toasts the quest for perfection: "To the pursuit." An end tag identifies Lexus as an official U.S. Open sponsor, accompanied by the vehicle maker's long running mantra, "The pursuit of perfection."


Agency: Team One El Segundo, Calif. Chris Graves, executive creative director; James Hendry, associate creative director; Jack Epsteen, executive producer; Leah Bohl, producer. Production Company: Boxer Films Rob Groenwold, director; John Clark, executive producer; John Quinn, Maeliosa Tiernan, producers; Seamus McGovern, DP. Editorial: B17 Editorial Pedram Torbati, editor; Beth George, executive producer Visual Effects: The Orphanage Paul Grimshaw, executiv producer; Joel Zimmerman, visual effects supervisor; Eric Pascarelli, visual effects producer; Stu Maschwitz, lead effects artist. Music: Elias Arts Nate Morgan, composer.

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