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The Best Work You May Never See: Nevada Power Company's "Hamlit"


Tuesday, Jun. 19, 2007


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A hamster on a treadmill powers an energy efficient lightbulb, illuminating a room, while a nearby muscle man pumping away on an exercise cycle can get barely a flicker out of a conventional bulb in this offbeat yet eloquent pitch for energy conservation.


Agency: R&R Partners Daniel Russ, executive creative director; Ron Lopez, creative director; Jason Luery, Chris Hagan, copywriters; Diane Vafi, Mark Naperstek, art directors; Don Turley, executive producer; Kelly Thompson, producer. Editorial: Optimus Shira Ankori, editor; Therese Hunsberger, executive producer. Postproduction: Company 3 Los Angeles Steve Rodriguez, colorist. Vendetta Post, Santa Monica. Pete Mayor, online/visual effects artist; Sandy Beladino, executive producer. Sound Design: Elias Arts Dean Hovey, head of sound design; Ann Haugen, executive producer. Audio: POP Sound Mitch Dorf, mixer.

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