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iSPOT of the Week: Workplace Safety and Insurance Board of Ontario's "Scott"


Tuesday, Jun. 12, 2007


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To promote workplace safety among young workers, the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board of Ontario (WSIB) has created a series of 11 animated videos that show a young worker whose life changes dramatically after he loses his hand on a meat slicer at work. "Scott" shows the main character with a bloody stump, walking down the street to meet his friend, before someone on a bike delivers a fake appendage. 
    The animations were created in comic-book style, drawn on paper, scanned and colored digitally and delivered as sequential TIFF files at 72 dpi.


Agency: DRAFTFCB/Toronto Creative Director: Steve DiLorenzo; Art Directors: Joe Piccolo, Anthony DelRizzo, Stephanie Davidson; Copywriters: Chris Taciuk, Dave Horovitch; Producer: Sheila Sone Production Company: j.j. sedelmaier productions, inc. Designer, Director, Producer: J.J. Sedelmaier; Executive Producer: Patrice Sedelmaier; Animation: Dave Lovelace, Dan Madia, Claire Widman, John Bonarrigo, Jake Friedman, Christina Tozer, John Grimaldi, Jr.; Assistnat Animation: Gene DeCicco, Zero, Sonha Bowen; Additional Design: John Bonarrigo, Gene DeCicco, Zero, Jake Friedman; Digital Ink & Paint Compositing: David Lipson, Luciano DiGeronimo and 8 Hats High (David Colon)

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