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iSPOT of the Week: Microsoft's "Silverlight"


Tuesday, May. 29, 2007


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"Silverlight" is a 90-second video that promotes Microsoft's new cross platform browser platform with a series of vignettes that are shown in a live action/animation sequence.
    A small Panasonic HVX900 camera was used in the live action shoot to generate close up skateboard shots. A combination of 2D and 3D elements were used in the animated segments. The video relied on a collaboration between Phoenix Editorial & Design, which oversaw the live action shoot, and Ember, the concept design studio in charge of the animation.  Phoenix did green screening and rotoscoping and used Maya and Adobe After Effects to prepare footage that was sent to Ember, which  created the CG environments where the characters live. 


Production Company: Phoenix Editorial & Designs,Kerner Optical Director, Visual Effects Supervisor, Creative Director: Matt Silverman; Director of Photography: Marty Rosenberg; Skateboard Cinemaphotography: Aaron Owen; Executive Producer: Jonathan Hinman; Producer: Chris Bunney; Line Producer: Robin Kincade; Editor & Sound Designer: Bob Frisk; Smoke Artists: John Crossley, Treena Loria; MatchMoving: Iban Goiatxe; Rotoscoping: Matt O'Donnell, Aaron Owen, Jake Spirek, Iban Goiatxe, Lindsay London, Visual Effects: Ember Creative Director: Shane Zucker; Creative Director/Executive Producer, Jason Ett; Senior Producer: Chad Feedback; Art Director/Designer: Chris Saunders; Animator/Designer: James Hurlburt; Lead Animator: Steve Day; Animators: Morgan James, Jens Lindgren; Composite: Afshar Guvendik, Joel Ashman, Jill Dadducci; Storyboard Artist: Bryan Frank Audio: M Squared Productions Audio Engineer: Mark Pitchford

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