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iSPOT of the Week: Unilever's Country Crock "Click"


Monday, Apr. 16, 2007


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A :30 for Unilever's Country Crock, which promotes, a site that solicits stories of sharing that spurs Unilever food donations, combines live action with motion control graphics that shows empty plates fill with food with the click of a mouse. ARF & CO., the production company, used 40-50 motion control passes of empty plates replaced with food to generate the sequence. Live action shots of a dinner table and the Country Crock logo surround the motion control graphics sequence.


Agency: Stone & Simons Advertising Creative Director: Marc Williams; Art Director: Dan Walker; Copywriter: Marc Williams/Tom Bloomer; Agency Producer: Casey Kaufman Production Company: Arf & Co. Director: Alex Fernbach; EP(s): Mark Fitzmartin; Producer: Mario Malave; Production Manager: Michael Dudek Postproduction: rhinofx Partner/CD/Director: Vico Sharabani; VFX Supervisor: Vico Sharabani; Sr. EP Camille Geier; Partner/Managing Director: Rick Wagonheim; Designer: Guy Atzmon; Inferno Artist: Susanne Scharping; Producer: Jill Hughes; Telecine: Company 3 Music: Howling Music Composer: David Grow Audio: Ron Rose Productions, Inc. Mixer: Chip Kipps

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