Monday, June 18, 2018
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Top Spot of the Week: B.C. Health Ministry ACT Now's "Cube"


Monday, Mar. 26, 2007


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A young boy turns from couch potato watching TV to an active participant in life as Rubik's Cube-like propelled changes of scenery place him and other kids in outdoor activities.


Production Company: Paranoid U.S. Sophie Gateau, director; Phillip Detchmendy, Claude Letessier, executive producers; Ahnee Boyce, producer; Phil Lanyon, DP. CMC, Vancouver Christian Allen, executive producer; Ahnee Boyce, producer. Editorial: JMB Post Productions Robb Innes, editor Visual Effects: JMB Post Productions Robb Innes, visual effects artist; Randy Egan, visual effects supervisor. Audio: Wayne Kozak Audio Productions, Vancouver Chris McIntosh, mixer/sound designer/composer/arranger; Wayne Kozak, Davor Vulama, sound designers/composers/arrangers.


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