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Top Spot of the Week: ESPN's "The Sound of Speed"


Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2007


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To promote NASCAR coverage on ESPN, this spot taps into our fascination with speed--as seen through the eyes and heard through the ears of children.


Agency: Wieden+Kennedy | New York. Kevin Proudfoot and Todd Waterbury, executive creative directors; Derek Barnes and Paul Renner, creative directors; Greg Kalleres, copywriter; Stuart Jennings, art director; Gary King, head of production; Temma Shoaf, producer Production Company: Moxie Pictures Henry Lu, director; Scott Henrickson, DP; Robert Fernandez, executive producer; Karol Marrs, head of production; Tony Cantale, producer. Shot on location in and around Dallas. Editorial: Whitehouse Post Productions, New York Crandall Miller, editor; Kim O�Donnell, assistant editor; Corina Dennison and Lara Pilla, executive producers; Melanie Klein, producer. Postproduction: The Mill New York,Method Tom Poole, colorist,Jay Tilin, online editor; D. Todd Davidovich, executive producer; Angela Lupo, senior producer. Visual Effects: Brand New School Jonathan Notaro, director; Ludovic Schomo and Sarah Ancalmo, designer/art director; Jennifer Sofio and Danny Rosenbloom, executive producers; Kevin

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