Monday, December 18, 2017
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Top Spot of the Week: The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism's "Maureen"


Thursday, Jan. 4, 2007


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A woman is in denial, refusing to accept that she is in need of intervention, in this case Bahamavention. However, a group effort--with tongue in cheek-- helps her realize that she needs to relax in order to escape the pressure that is causing her negative, at times violent behavior.


Agency: Fallon Minneapolis Kerry Feuerman, creative director; Todd Riddle, group creative director; Scott O�Leary, art director; Ryan Peck, copywriter; Vic Palumbo, director of broadcast, North America; Jennifer David, producer. Production Company: Moxie Pictures Martin Granger, director; Lizzie Schwartz, executive producer; Heidi Soltesz, producer; Barry Parrell, DP. Editorial: MacKenzie Cutler Gavin Cutler, editor Music: Singing Serpent

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