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The Best Work You May Never See: Keep California Beautiful's "Mobsters"


Thursday, Dec. 14, 2006


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After dumping a corpse into the river, a gangster falls short of doing the same with an empty water bottle. Instead he goes with his better nature and tosses the bottle into a nearby recycling bin, showing us that redemption is always possible.


Agency: BBDO West Jim Lesser, executive creative director; Neil Levy, copywriter; Roz Romney, art director; Nancy Cardillo, producer. Production Company: Tool of North America Geordie Stephens, director; Brian Latt, Jennifer Siegel, executive producers; Kelly Christensen, producer; James Kneist, DP. Editorial: Whitehouse Post Productions, Santa Monica Dan Oberle, editor; Jeff Carter, assistant editor; Gail Butler, producer. Postproduction: Vendetta Post,Complete Post | Creative Services Hollywood Crawford Riley, online editor.
,Sparkle, colorist.
Music: Wojahn Bros. Music Roger Wojahn, Scott Wojahn, composers; Marisa Mastroianni Davis, producer; Will Riley (freelancer), sound designer. Audio: Play Chris Hildrew, mixer.


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