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Top Spot of the Week: Intel's "Creativity"


Thursday, Dec. 14, 2006


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Energetic young dancers multiply before our eyes, underscoring that a computer equipped with the new Intel Core 2 Duo processor will enable us to perform multiple functions simultaneously, without slowing down.


Agency: McCann Erickson Joyce King Thomas, chief creative officer; Bill Oberlander and Tom Bagot, executive creative directors; Gail Barlow, creative director/copywriter; Sasha Shor, creative director/art director; Kathy Love, executive producer; Mike Boris, music producer; Jeannie Lee, assistant producer. Production Company: Pagan, London Vaughan Arnell, director; Steve Chivers, DP; Adam Saward, executive producer. Shot at Pinewood Studios, London. Editorial: Cut + Run, London Leo King, editor; Simon Gosling, producer.
Visual Effects: THE MILL, London Helen Hughes, head of production; Barnsley, Flame artist/FX supervisor; Paul Harrison, colorist; Zoe Cassey, Andy Salter, Dan Saunders and Theo Maniatis, Flame artists; Gareth Brannan, Flame assist; Aidan Thomas and James Pratt, Smoke artists; Miles Pettit, 3-D producer; Jamie Lancaster, James Sindle, Andrew Cadey and Laurent Makowski, 3-D artists; Bob Wolf, Paul Downs, Jo Qunitanilla, Gareth Parr and Adam Lambert, support. Audio:

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