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The Best Work You May Never See: Sony VAIO's "Paper Airplane"


Thursday, Nov. 30, 2006


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A paper airplane flies through a cityscape, eventually making its way through a window and onto a restaurant table where a customer unfolds the plane, and flattens it out, at which point it becomes a Sony VAIO laptop. The parting message: "Mobile like no other."


Agency: Ignited Minds, Marina del Rey, Calif. Mike Wolfsohn, creative director; Tim Washburn, associate creative director/art director; Jason Carter, copywriter; Diego Espana, executive producer/producer. Production Company: Brasileira Filmes Bia Flecha, director; Magda Barbieri, executive producer; Pedro Araujo, producer; Ze Bob Eliezer, DP.
Editorial: Brasileira Filmes Caio Cobra, editor Postproduction: Casablanca Studios, Inc. Marco Oliveira, colorist
Visual Effects: Pix Post, Sao Paulo Helder Fagundes Junior, visual effects coordinator; Luciano Nieves, lead CG artist; Hugo Silverio, Carlos Florencio, Rafael Talo, 3D artists; Renato Leodoro, Alexandre Carvalho, Flame artists Music: Estudio Angel, Sao Paulo Marcos Romera, composer Audio: Estudio Angel, Sao Paulo Equipe Angels, audio post mixer

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