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The Best Work You May Never See: Nimble Bread's "Builder"


Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2006


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A construction worker is seen on the job over a period of months. During that stretch, his pants get progressively looser as he performs different tasks on site. Operating a jackhammer, the vibrations cause his trousers to fall to his knees, revealing a not so stylish pair of boxer shorts. Later his pants fall to ankle level, causing him to drop a toilet, which smashes into pieces. While making his lunch at home, he discovers the cause of his pants tugging, when he reads the label on a loaf of low calorie Nimble Bread.


Agency: DDB, Europe Jo Wenley, creative director; Grant Parker, copywriter; Jamie Leonard, art director; Natalie Powell, producer. Production Company: Rogue Editorial Sam Cadman, director (repped stateside by bicoastal Tool of North America); Charlie Crompton, executive producer; Alice Rowbotham, producer; Alex Melman, DP. Editorial: Speade Editors Adam Spivey, editor Postproduction: Rushes | London Claire Pollock, online editor; Simone Grattarola, colorist Music: Zoo Zoo, London Audio: Zoo Zoo, London

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