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Guinness' "noitulovE"


Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2006


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Three men are drinking beer in a bar. The film suddenly goes into rewind. The men put their beers down and walk backwards out of the bar. They
continue walking backwards through a field next to a river and into an ice age. As they walk backwards their hair grows and they become prehistoric men frozen in a glacier. As time reverses they melt and give way to monkeys swinging backwards in trees, fish splashing backwards through the surf and dinosaurs running backwards as the meteor that caused their
extinction flies back up in the sky. Finally we see lizards on the shore of a river. Three glasses of Guinness are shown under the words "Good things
come to those who wait."


Agency: AMV BBDO Matt Dornan, Ian Heathfield (a.k.a. Matt & Ian), creatives; Yvonne Chalkley,
producer Production Company: Kleinman Productions, London. Daniel Kleinman, director; Johnny Frankel, producer; Jess Hall, DP.
(Kleinman Productions has since closed and Kleinman is now partnered in
Rattling Snake, London).
Editorial: Cut + Run, London Steve Gandolfi, editor Visual Effects: Framestore CFC | London William Bartlett, visual effect supervisor; Scott Griffin, effects producer;
Quentin Miles, lead animator; Alex Thomas, Inferno artist; Andy Boyd, CGI
Audio: Wave Studio Johnnie Burn, audio mixer

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