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The Best Work You May Never See: Riverwind Casino's "Musical Journey"


Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2006


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Deploying her signature style of animation using colored salt manipulated on a black canvas by a condor feather, director Aleksandra Korejwo of Acme Filmworks, Hollywood, shows a female singer give way to an image of a guitar player, the heart and spade suits of playing cars, and a procession of musicians on their instruments, ranging from a drummer to a saxophonist to a guitarist. Each spot in the campaign mixes varied animated elements depicting icons of the gaming/casino world--music, playing cards, and in some cases, poker chips, slot machines and cocktails. This array of uniquely animated colored sand images then conclude with the appearance of a logo for the Riverwind Casino, accompanied by the slogan, "Be Swept Away,"


Agency: Ackerman McQueen David Lipson, chief creative officer; Rob Neatherlin, senior art director; Tom Twomey, senior producer; Magen Fuller, producer. Production Company: Acme Filmworks, Hollywood, Calif. Aleksandra Korejwo, animation director; Ron Diamond, executive producer; Gwynn Adik, co-executive producer; Pernille D�Avolio, producer; Lita E.R. O�Donnell, production manager; Miachel O�Donnell, head of digital operations; Scott Coleman, digital compositor Editorial: Acme Filmworks, Hollywood, Calif. George Khair, offline editor/post supervisor Music: Ackerman McQueen Todd Gauthreaux, arranger/composer Sound Design: Ackerman McQueen Jason Bushore, sound designer Audio: Ackerman McQueen Jason Bushore, mixer

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