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Top Spot of the Week: Frys.com's "Pod"


Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2006


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A gamer is seated on the couch, transfixed on a video game. He tells his roommate, who's just come home from work, that a package came for him. The roomie doesn't look too pleased that the box--a delivery order from Frys.com (the online site of regional retailer Fry's Electronics)--has been opened, but a smile comes to his face when he looks at the contents. He then exits out of sight into the adjoining room. Suddenly all the power goes out and a bright light flashes. The roommate disappears. Turns out the component from Frys.com was the missing piece to a time travel machine. An end tag identifies the sponsor, Frys.com, accompanied by the slogan, "Welcome home, tech heads."


Agency: DGWB Advertising & Communications Jon Gothold, executive creative director; Dave Swartz, John Zegowitz, creative directors; Joe Cladis, associate creative director/art director; Steve Harbour , creative director/copywriter; Stan Chow, designer, Scott Seltzer, producer. Production Company: Zoo Simon West, director; Gower Frost, executive producer; Dawn Fanning/ prdoucer; Matthew Libatique, DP. Editorial: Babbage Industries, Santa Monica T.G. Herrington, editor Postproduction: The Syndicate Beau Leon, colorist Visual Effects: The Syndicate Verdi Sevenhuysen, Flame/visual effects artist; Kim Evans, producer. Sound Design: Stimmung Reinhard Denke, sound designer
Audio: Eleven Jeff Payne, mixer

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