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Top Spot of the Week: eBay's "Ring"


Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2006


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A wedding ring--carrying a big "It" diamond--falls off a woman's finger and down the kitchen sink drain, winding its way through the pipes of the apartment building as we see other residents with their "It" items purchased on eBay. Ultimately the treasured ring goes through the city's plumbing and is dischared out into a sea full of fish. Cut to the original woman and her hubby eating salmon for dinner. After taking a big bite, she spits out the "It" ring.


Agency: BBDO North America, Atmosphere BBDO David Lubars and Bill Bruce, chief creative officers; Greg Hahn, executive creative director; Chris Toland, creative director; Reuben Hower, copywriter; Brandon Mugar, art director; Grant Gill, executive producer; Loren Parkins, executive music producer. Production Company: Smuggler,Stillking Films | Prague Stylewar, director; Damien Morrisot, DP; Brian Carmody and Patrick Milling Smith, executive producers. Shot on stage in Prague.,Lida Ordnungova, producer Editorial: MacKenzie Cutler Gavin Cutler, editor; Melissa Miller, executive producer; Erik Laroi, assistant editor. Postproduction: Company 3 New York Tim Masick, colorist. Visual Effects: MassMarket Justin Lane, VFX producer; Bernadette Castillo, producer; Chris Staves and Joe Vitale, Flame artists; Dave Barosin, Joon Le, Hae-yeon Lee, CG artists; Ella Boliver, rotoscoper. Sound Design: MacKenzie Cutler Lewis Herrin, sound designer. Audio: Sound Lounge Philip Loeb, mix

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