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Top Spot of the Week: Ontario's Workplace Safety & Insurance Board's "Shopgirl"


Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2006


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A young woman employee of a hip clothing store falls off a ladder while trying to hang a banner, crashing through a glass display case below. As a fellow worker calls for help, the bloody victim stands up and declares, "This is no accident!" She contends the company should have replaced the ladder years ago, and neglected to institute a proper safety policy. Viewers are directed to Prevent-it.ca. for more info.


Agency: DraftFCB | Chicago Robin Heisey, EVP/creative director; Joe Piccolo, group creative director/art director; Chris Taciuk, associate creative director/copywriter; Graham Tingle, art director; Jef Petrossi, copywriter; Pam Portsmouth, producer. Production Company: Soft Cell, Toronto.,Smuggler Link York and Eva Preger, executive producers; Merrie Wasson, producer; Jeff Low, production manager. Shot on location in Toronto.,Happy, director; Christopher Soos, DP, Brian Carmody and Patrick Milling Smith, executive producers Editorial: School Editing Johnny Devries, editor. Postproduction: Notch Gary Chuntz, colorist. Visual Effects: Framestore NY Murray Butler, senior Flame artist; James Razzall, senior producer; Talia Marash, 2D assistant. Sound Design: RMW Music Vlad Nikolic, mixer/sound designer. Audio: RMW Music Ted Rosnick, audio producer/director.

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