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Maryland Lottery's "Haircut"


Thursday, Oct. 12, 2006


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A customer asks his barber/hair stylist to shave his head. The stylist is distracted for a moment as he goes to get an electric clipper and confirms to the salon's receptionist that he can schedule a 4 p.m. appointment. He comes back to a full head of hear seated in the chair before him and proceeds to take out a clump from the top. At this point, the camera reveals that he's buzzed a woman customer--seated to the right of the male who originally asked to have his mane removed. The hair stylist offers the understandably distressed woman a scratch-off Maryland Lottery game ticket. She immediately brightens and says thanks to the guy who just ruined her appearance. An end tag carries the slogan, "A little Scratch-off goes a long way."


Agency: Eisner Communications Mark Rosica, creative director/art director/copywriter; Craig Strydom, creative director; Donna Schoch-Spana, executive producer; Romona Diaz, Gregg Simonton, producers. Production Company: Working Pictures, Inc. Matthew Pittroff, director/executive producer; Marsha Derrickson, producer; Andy Lilien, DP. Editorial: Cosmo Street Lawrence Young, editor; Postproduction: Method,The Mill New York Jay Tilin, online editor,Fergus McCall, colorist Visual Effects: Method Jay Tilin, effects artist Sound Design: Sound Lounge Tom Jucarone, sound designer Audio: Sound Lounge Tom Jucarone, mixer

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