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Yahoo!'s "Recall"


Wednesday, Oct. 4, 2006


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Life without Yahoo! is then replaced by life with Yahoo! in this spot in which a car passenger talks to the driver, alluding to a consumer product recall. At this point, the airbag activates for no apparent reason, propelling the driver out the rear window and into the street. Next, we repeat the conversation, except this time the driver heard about the product recall via Yahoo!, had brought his car in for repair and remains safe and sound behind the wheel.


Agency: Soho Square Jeff Curry and Andy Berndt, group creative directors; Chris Curry, creative director/art director; Bobby Hershfield, senior copywriter; Mark Svartz, copywriter; Josh Rosen, art director; Patti McConnell, executive producer; Melissa Mapes, producer. Production Company: MJZ Craig Gillespie, director; Wyatt Troll, DP; Lisa Rich, executive producer; Deb Tietjen, producer. Shot on location in Van Nuys, Calf. Editorial: Bikini Edit Avi Oron, editor. Postproduction: Nice Shoes Lez Rudge, colorist. Visual Effects: Sight Effects Inc,Super Fad Adrian Hurley, VFX supervisor; Melissa Davies, executive producer; Korey Cauchon, producer; Sal Hayden, Shun Imaizumi, John Jenkins, Jason Mortimer, CGI artists; Chris Steven, Jennifer German and Joana Cruz, Inferno artists.,Amy Selwocki and Christina Roldan, producers; Marisol Baltierra and Juan Sanabria, graphic designers/animators. Sound Design: Elias Arts Dean Hovey, sound designer. Audio: Sound Lounge Philip Loeb

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