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Lay's "Perfect Day"


Wednesday, Aug. 30, 2006


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Dutch star Wendy van Dijk, shot in live action, shares the screen with a cute, cuddly adorable collection of animated woodland creatures who frolic in colorful foliage during a beautiful summer day in the country. Then suddenly a truck carrying Lay's Potato Chips enters the picture, coming on fast in the direction of a colt who's playing on the road. The truck swerves to avoid the animal, hitting a fence post and causing bags of new improved Lay's paprika chips to pour onto the road and fly into the hands of the nearby van Dijk. She tastes a chip and is immediately delighted. Then we're back to joyous perfection when the colt emerges unscathed from a big pile of Lay's Chips.


Agency: FHV/BBDO Netherlands Rohan Young, creative director; Jennifer Farrington, art director; Tiffany Davenport, writer; Niko Koot, producer. Production Company: LAIKA/house Aaron Sorenson, director; Jan Johnson, executive producer/producer; Mike Wellins, live action supervisor; Jenny Kincade, art director; Rex Carter, Flame artist; Adrian Grey, CG animation artist; Gary Cooper, background painter. Editorial: LAIKA/house Michael Corrigan, editor

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