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Orange County Post's "Romeo & Juliet"


Tuesday, Aug. 29, 2006


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A man reads the new Orange County Post as he stands in front of a dry cleaner's counter, with  rack of clothes behind him.  He notes that the O.C. Post "cut the news to fit my life" and then asks himself, "What else could be cut to fit my life?" The rack of clothes parts to reveal a stage on which a very abridged stage production of Romeo and Juliet plays out, going from beginning to final daggar scene in a matter of seconds, to the standing ovation of an appreciative crowd.


Agency: DGWB Advertising & Communications Dave Schwartz, Joe Cladis, creative directors; Stan Chow, art director; Kim Kohatsu, copywriter; Laura Morris, producer. Production Company: Backyard Michael Chaves, director; Blair Stribley, Kris Mathur, executive producers; Peter Steinzeig, head of production; Antone Maillie, producer; Eric Steelberg, DP. Editorial: DGWB Advertising & Communications Aaron Orton, editor Postproduction: The Syndicate Bob Curreri, colorist; Liza Kerlin, producer. Sound Design: Amber (Heavenly) Music Steve Lustig, sound designer Audio: Eleven Jeff Fuller, audio post mixer

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