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Coca-Cola's "Video Game"


Thursday, Aug. 17, 2006


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A tough guy seemingly poised to commit violent acts that have become video game staples instead turns out to be a pussycat who spreads good will throughout an urban neighborhood, helping to transform it from a battle zone to a little utopia. Among his instruments of change  in this computer animation video game-style commercial is a bottle of Coca-Cola.


Agency: Wieden+Kennedy | Portland Hal Curtis, Mark Fitzloff, creative directors; Sheena Brady, copywriter; Shannon McGlothin, art director; Niki Polyocan, producer. Music: Amber (Heavenly) Music H. Scott Salinas, arranger (of �You Give A Little Love,� composed by Paul Williams); Chris Smith, sound designer; Michelle Curran, executive producer; Carol Dunn, producer. Sound Design: Amber (Heavenly) Music Chris Smith, sound designer Audio: POP Sound Peter Rincon, mixer Animation: Nexus Productions, London Smith & Foulkes, directors; Ben Cowell, head of 3D/lead lighting/modeling artist; Reece Millidge, animation supervisor; Darren Price, character supervisor/modeling; Stuart Doig, Ben Crowe, Antoine Bourruel, Alberto Lara, Andres Puente, animators; Dean Koonjul, Dany Sayers, compositors.

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