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Seattle Education Access' "Cardboard Box"


Tuesday, Aug. 8, 2006


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As line drawn animation unfolds before our eyes to reveal a cityscape, a voiceover poses what sounds like a mathematical problem. "Presume the average minimum temperature during winter is 34.7 degrees fahrenheit, the average rainfall 5.7 inches. Supposing cardboard boxes hae a fiber saturation point of 3.2, how desperate do you have to be to sleep in one?" The animation of the figures and the cardboard shelter then turns to live action as we see a male teenager huddled under the box. "Help a kid who has survived life on the street earn a college degree," relates a voiceover.


Agency: Ad2Seattle Charles Noback, art director/copywriter; Andy Durr, art director; Shannon Mead, copywriter. Production Company: Story, Chicago Brian Johnson, director/DP; Mark Androw, executive producer; Mary Langenfeld, producer. Editorial: World Famous Editorial Tony Fulgham, editor; Megan Lingafelter, producer. Postproduction: Flying Spot Jeff Tillotson, colorist. Visual Effects: Blank Design, Seattle Animation: Bobby Hougham, creative director/art director/illustrator/animator; Alan Llave, animator; John Schuchard, 3-D artist; Susan Andrade, illustrator.

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