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Champs Sports/Adidas' "Flight Crew"


Monday, Aug. 7, 2006


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This imaginative ad reveals the secret behind 2005 Slam Dunk Contest winner Josh Smith's brilliant moves.  In the middle of a pick up game of basketball, pilots are working hard inside Smith's sneakers to control his stability and direction to make sure he hits his target on slam dunks�the rim.  The end of the advertisement shows a customer leaving Champs Sports with a new pair of Adidas sneakers.  The pilots inside the shoes that are still in the box communicate that they have "zero visibility."


Agency: AKA Advertising SVP/CD, Douglas Spitzer; Executive Producer, Chris Thielo; Associate Producer, Carly Chappell, ACD/Art Director, Jesse Scaturro Production Company: Chelsea Director, Evan Bernard; DP, Don Davis; Executive Prodcuer, Sam Penfield; Producer, Jonathan Gribetz Editorial: Whitehouse Post Productions Producer, Corina Dennison; Lead Editor, Colby Parker Jr. Visual Effects: Chelsea 3D Modeling, Steve Sullivan; 3D Lighting & Textures, Alex Topaller; Tracking & Compositing, Christopher Green; Lead EFX Designer, Thor Raxlen; Designer/Animator, Dan Shapiro Music: audioEngine Mixer, Tom Goldblatt Sound Design: Amber (Heavenly) Music Producer, Kate Gibson; Sound Designer, Bill Chesley; Composer, The Elements

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