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Mastercard's "Cat in the Hat"


Monday, Aug. 7, 2006


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An adaptation of Mastercard's "priceless" advertisements to suit Dr. Seuss' fancy�"Cat in the Hat" lists arbitrary rhyming items as possible gifts during the holiday season.  The Cat in the Hat spends $300 on presents, but the "perfect present for one and all, for ones who are big and ones who are small," is indeed, priceless. The advertisement tries to draw traffic to The Cat in the Hat movie and a Mastercard contest where people can win a trip to Universal Orlando just by using their Mastercard. 


Agency: McCann Erickson Joyce King Thomas, executive VP/executive creative director; Lisa Brandriff, VP/senior copywriter; Kathy Kuhn, senior art director; Kathy Love, VP/executive producer; Mike Boris, music producer. Production Company: Partizan Jaume, director; Flavio Labiano, DP; Sheila Stepanek, VP/executive producer; Steve Dickstein, president/partner; Simon Barrett, line producer. Shot at Universal Studios, Hollywood. Editorial: MacKenzie Cutler Jun Diaz, editor; Staley Dietrich and Brent McCready, assistant editors; Julie Gagliardi, producer. Postproduction: The Mill New York,Company 3 New York Dirk Greene, Flame artist; Verity Grantham, producer.,Tim Masick, colorist; Luana Ayres, producer. Visual Effects: Universal Pictures,Rhythm + Hues Commercial Studios Kurt Williams, overall visual effects producer.,Doug Smith, visual effects supervisor; Erica Burton, visual effects producer; Craig Talmy, animation director; Chris Sjoholm, digital supervisor; Pascal Chappuis, lightin

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