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BrownCo's "Asterisk"


Monday, Aug. 7, 2006


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In BrownCo's "Asterisk" BrownCo mocks its competitors who have too much fine print in their paperwork.  A woman asks a broker questions about maintenance and inactivity fees.  Each time the Broker gives the woman the answers she'd like to hear, another man comes from behind the desk and gives an exception to the broker's answer while the broker sits with a pleasant smile on his face.  "Who is that?" the woman asks, to which the broker replys, "oh that's asterisk, don't mind him."  A voiceover says, "Get serious. Get BrownCo."


Agency: McCann Erickson Art Director, Keith Evans; Creative Director, Bill Oberlander; Producer, Toni Lipari; Copywriter, Jeff Taylor Production Company: Hungry Man, Inc Director, David Shane; Executive Producer, Steve Orent, Tom Rossano; DP, Tom Kruger; Prodcuer, Lalou Dammond Editorial: Crew Cuts Editor, Karen Kourtessis; Assistant Editor, Catherine Gionfriddo, O�hara Tudor; Executive Producer, Nancy Shames; Producer, Rosie DiMarzo Postproduction: Nice Shoes Colorist, Lez Rudge; Online Editor, Eric Gelgand Visual Effects: Fluid Artist Alex Fronwein; Producer, Virginia Galvan Audio: Sound Lounge Engineer, Philip Loeb; Mixer, Philip Loeb

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