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Honda's "Respect The Van/Families"


Monday, Aug. 7, 2006


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Honda's cleverly funny ad, "Respect the Van" starts off glorifying the painted and decorated vans of the 70s while "Slow Ride" by Foghat plays.  "Respect the Van. Some families were started in one" is stamped on the screen.  After many shots of shag carpets, bohemian curtains, and animal print pillows, an aerial view of a van with black leather seats that fold down is shown and "The van your parents wish they'd had when they were your age" is written on the screen.  A Honda Odyssey is shown from the outside.


Agency: Rubin Postaer & Associates EVP/Director of Creative Services, Larry Postaer; Senior VP/CD, Joe Baratelli, David Smith; Senior VP/Executive Producer, Gary Paticoff; VP/ACD, Curt Johnson, Todd Carey; Producer, Leticia Martinez Production Company: Crossroads Films Director, Mark Pellington; Co-Owners, Cami Taylor, Dan Lindau; Executive Producer, Carole Hughes; Producer, Norman Reiss; DP, Eric Schmidt Editorial: Cake Editor, Nathan Cox; Producer, Tatiana Derovanessian; Online, Josh Kirschenbaum; Colorist, Beau Leon Postproduction: The Syndicate Audio: Eleven Sound Mixer, Jeff Fuller

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