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Honda's "Celebration"


Wednesday, Aug. 2, 2006


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A sliver car is the sole presence on the road as it drives out of an ally on a dark night.  A voiceover says, "The one that started it all is about to get it started again."  The driver's finger turns music on in the car and the city simultaneously comes alive.  There are people dancing in the street to the hip-hop beat and the city lights up.  It is revealed by camera angles that the car is a Honda, and the words "civic nation" glide over the car.  


Agency: Muse Cordero Chen & Partners Creative Directors, Michael whitlow, Wilky Lau; Associate Creative Director/Copywriter, Chase Conerly; Associate Creative Director/Art Director , Alfonso Covarrubias; Executive Producer, Sharon Jones VonHulsebus Production Company: Cinelande Director, Jean Marc Pich�; Edecutive Producer, Sylve Dub�; Producer, Fr�d�ric Desproges Editorial: rOOm Editor, Jeff Selis; Assistant Editor, Dan Metzler, Matt Rittorno Postproduction: rOOm Editor, Jeff Selis; Assistant Editor, Dan Metzler, Matt Rittorno; Online Artist, Bill Pollock; Effects Artist/Supervisor, John Musumeci; Effects Armajo, Gizmo Rivera; Sound Designer/Mixer, Brandon Toh; Music Producer, Robin Nixon; Producer, Jason Barager; Producer/ rep, Christine Havercroft Visual Effects: rOOm Online Artist, Bill Pollock; Effects Artist/ Supervisor, John Musumeci; Effects Artist, Spencer Armajo, Gizmo Rivera Music: Human Music Production Human/ Los Angeles, CA Sound Design: rOOm Sound Desi

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