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Verizon Business' "That Works"


Wednesday, Aug. 2, 2006


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Verizon Business' "That Works" highlights accomplishments that at one point seemed impossible�the light bulb, man on the moon, and contact lenses.  To that list, a voiceover adds a simple and transparent wireless network created by the merging of Verizon Wireless and MCI to form Verizon Business "to make your business more successful and your life a little easier."


Agency: Euro RSCG Worldwide Global Chief Executive Officer, David Jones; Chief executive Officer, NY and San Francisco, Rob Berger; Executive Creative Director, Jeff Kling; Executive Creative Director, Integration, Michael Lee; creative Directors, Phil Silvestri, Richard Roth, Israel Garber, Peter Coutroulis; Art Director, Peter Coutroulis; Art Director �Someday�, Yvonne DeSanti; Writer, �Someday�, Rich Russo; Writer, �That Works� ,Dave Hubbert; Co-Director of Broadcast Production, Joe Guyt; Co-Director of Boradcast Business Affairs, Cathy Pitegoff; Producer, Erik Iversen; Group Account Director, Carla Brand; Account Management, John Hlatky, Suzanne Welsh; Talent, Dawn Kerr, Shera Rabinowitz; Art Buyer, Jodi Jamiolkowski Production Company: A List Director, Peter Goldschmidt; Executive Producer, Al Califano; Producer, Karen Rohrbacher; Director of Photography, Claudio Miranda Editorial: Berwyn Editorial Editor �Someday�, Jeff Ferruzzo; Editor �That Works�, Scott Gibney; Assistant Editor �Someda

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