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Verizon Business' "Someday"


Wednesday, Aug. 2, 2006


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The song "Someday" by the Spinners plays as a voiceover says, "someday, someone will put together a truly seamless local-to-global IP network."  As employees all over the world are shown at work, the voiceover adds more and more features to the invention to come "someday."  The voiceover concludes, "Someday all the pieces will come together and it will be magnificent. Some day is today."  Verizon and MCI working together to form Verizon Business is the seamless network.


Agency: Euro RSCG Worldwide Global Chief Executive Officer, David Jones; Chief executive Officer, NY and San Francisco, Rob Berger; Executive Creative Director, Jeff Kling; Executive Creative Director, Integration, Michael Lee; creative Directors, Phil Silvestri, Richard Roth, Israel Garber, Peter Coutroulis; Art Director, Peter Coutroulis; Art Director �Someday�, Yvonne DeSanti; Writer, �Someday�, Rich Russo; Writer, �That Works� ,Dave Hubbert; Co-Director of Broadcast Production, Joe Guyt; Co-Director of Boradcast Business Affairs, Cathy Pitegoff; Producer, Erik Iversen; Group Account Director, Carla Brand; Account Management, John Hlatky, Suzanne Welsh; Talent, Dawn Kerr, Shera Rabinowitz; Art Buyer, Jodi Jamiolkowski Production Company: A List Director, Peter Goldschmidt; Executive Producer, Al Califano; Producer, Karen Rohrbacher; Director of Photography, Claudio Miranda Editorial: Berwyn Editorial Editor �Someday�, Jeff Ferruzzo; Editor �That Works�, Scott Gibney; Assistant Editor �Someda

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