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Cingular Wireless' "Bridge 100 Songs National Ver. 1"


Wednesday, Aug. 2, 2006


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As a man walks through the city with a composed and confident stride all of his reflections and shadows dance to the up-beat song playing in the background.  When the man's phone rings the music stops and his shadow begins walking, just as the man is.  As soon as he hangs up the phone, the music returns and the shadow begins dancing again.  The advertisement is for singular's Sliver phone with iTunes. 


Agency: BBDO North America, Atmosphere BBDO BBDO/ Atlanta & NY: Creative Director/EVP/CD, Susan Credle; Creative Director/SVP/CD, Steve Rutter, Dave Stanton; Creative Director/SVP/ Group CD, Jeff Nixon, Rick Wakefield; SVP Executive Producer, Bob Emerson; Senior Producer, Nicole Lundy; Copywriter, Jeff Nixon Production Company: Director, Dave Meyers; Executive Producers, Jon Kamen, Frank Stiefel, Gregg Carlesimo Editorial: 89 Editorial, Inc. Editor, Chris Davis Postproduction: Company 3 Los Angeles Colorist, Stefan Sonnenfeld Visual Effects: Method,Eye Ball VFX Executive Producer, Neysa Horsburgh; VFX Producer, Elizabeth Ryan; Lead 2D VFX Artist, Alex Frisch; 2D VFX Artist, Andrew Eskner; 3D VFX Artist, Scott Metzger; Junior 2D VFX Artists, Sarah Eim, Katrina Salicrup, Kyle Obley; CG Technical Supervisor, Gil Baron; VFX Shoot Supervision, Elizabeth Ryan, Gil Baron,CGI Brand Titles: Executive Producer, Mike Eastwood; Senior Producer, Eve Ehrich; Creative Director

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