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Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation's "Reflections"


Tuesday, Aug. 1, 2006


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A young blonde woman gets ready to go out for a jog and in the process she sees reflections in mirrors, on the bus, on a truck carrying panes of glass. But instead of reflections of herself, they are of other women�of varied ages and ethnicities. A parting super puts it all into context: "You just don't run for yourself. You run for everyone affected by breast cancer."


Agency: Strawberry Frog Kevin McKeon, executive creative director; Josh Greenspan, copywriter; Melissa Lin, art director; Letitia Jacobs, freelance producer. Production Company: Believe Media Maurice Marable, director; Luke Thornton, Liz Silver, executive producers; Emily van Nierop, production manager; Gary Romano, producer; Tim Ives, DP. Editorial: BlueRock Geordie Anderson, editor; Caryn Maclean, producer. Postproduction: Company 3 New York Billy Gabor, colorist Visual Effects: Framestore NY Maryanne Lauric, Minday Dubin, Flame artists; Talia Marash, roto artist; Satuoko Linuma, producer. Sound Design: Singing Serpent Brent Asbury, sound designer; Rafter Roberts, creative director; Jack Bradley, executive producer Audio: blast Gerard Collins, audio post mixer

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