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Luvs' "Circus"


Thursday, Jul. 27, 2006


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In Luvs' "Circus," circus performers are frozen mid-performance and the audience is still.  The entire arena turns when a mother and her baby return to the audience.  When the mother finally takes her seat, the circus starts up full swing again.  "Everything stops when a diaper leaks," comes on screen as the circus act continues.  The camera then focuses on the mother and child and "Next time, Luvs," is written across the screen. The next comment is written above a box of Luvs diapers on stage; it says, "life uninterrupted."


Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Chief Creative Officer, Tony Granger; EVP Global creative Director, Barbara Boyle; VP/Associate Creative Director/ Art Director, Fern Cohen; VP/Associate Creative Director/Copywriter, Margot Owett; Executive Producer; Bob Shriber Production Company: Anonymous Content Director, Garth David; Director of Photography, Grieg Fraser; Executive Producer, Karen Sproul Editorial: Final Cut Editor, Carlos Arias; Assistant Editor, Mike Wordsworth Postproduction: The Mill New York Online Editor, Furgus McCall Sound Design: Final Cut Sound Designer, Roland Alley Audio: Sound Lounge Engineer, Peter Holcomb

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