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Embassy Suites Hotels' "Slow"


Monday, Jul. 24, 2006


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A boss breaks the news to his employee Brett that the boss has decided to send Trish to the sales conference because Brett does not think quickly on his feet.  After an awkward silence the boss has moved on to his next order of business when Brett pipes in, "I think fast on my feet."  Trish is shown eating at a nice hotel when a voiceover says, "They chose you for a reason, and you chose Embassy Suites for a reason."  


Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day, Inc Head of Broadcast Production, Ozzie Spenningsby; Assistant Producer, Jason Souter; Executive Creative Director, Gerry Graf; Agency Creative Director, Joel Rodriguez; Copywriter, Jenny McGuinness, Brandon Davis; Art Director, Meg Sewell, Tom Weingard Production Company: Hungry Man, Inc Director, Jim Jenkins; Executive Producer, Dan Duffy (LA); Production Company Line Producer, Ralph Laucella; DP, Barry Markowitz Editorial: MacKenzie Cutler Editor, Colleen Shea Postproduction: MacKenzie Cutler,MI Post Matthew Monson,Colorist, Milan Boncich Sound Design: MacKenzie Cutler Sound Designer, Marc Healy Audio: MacKenzie Cutler Sound Mixer, Marc Healy

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