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Powerade's "Change of Venue"


Tuesday, Jul. 25, 2006


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A remix of Motzart's Cosi fan Tutte builds excitement as athletes prepare to partake in unconventional events�a human catapult through football uprights, running on their hands on treadmills in a boxing ring, and racing tricycles.  The athletes who did not drink Powerade eventually begin to struggle in their competitions, and those who drank Powerade prevail.  A bottle of Powerade is displayed on a black backdrop and in time with the conclusion of the remixed Motzart, the bottle shatters and Powerade erupts everywhere.


Agency: Wieden+Kennedy | Portland Producer, Shannon Worley; Production Assistant, Mel Fedunok; Business Affairs, Teresa Lutz; Creative Directors, Mark Fitzloff, Susan Hoffman; Writer, Jason Bagley; Art Director, Ryan O�Rourke; Account Service, Kristen Hartill Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks Director, Noam Murro; Line Producer, Jay Veal; Executive Producer, Shawn Tesaro Editorial: Whitehouse Post Productions, Chicago Editor, Rick Lawley; Assistant, Dan Oberle, Logan Hefflefinger; Producer, Joni Wright Visual Effects: Method Artist, Patrick Hoelck Music: Elias Arts Stock Piece from APM Motzart Cosi Fan Tutte DJ style remix by Jimmy at Elias. APM Motzart Cosi Fan Tutte Sonia 450 CD, Jonathan Pine at APM

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