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Diet Pepsi "Drafted"


Friday, Jul. 21, 2006


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In this comedic ad, the New England Patriots choose Diet Pepsi Machine as a first round draft pick in the NFL Draft.  The commercial cuts to emotionally charged Diet Pepsi employees, ever so proud of how far Diet Pepsi Machine has come, and then to a confused New England Patriots player who thought, "Coach went nuts."  Diet Pepsi Machine elicits chants of "Machine! Machine! Machine!" from fans and scores a touchdown during a game.  A voiceover sounding like a sports announcer says, "Live football. Drink Diet Pepsi."  


Agency: DDB New York Chairman/COO, Lee Garfinkle; CD/AD, Rich Sharp; CD/CW, Scott Grayson; CW, Matt Herr; AD, Joe Kantrowitz; EP, Liz Hodge; Head of Broadcast Production, Bob Nelson Production Company: Tool of North America Director, Tom Routson; DP, Jim Whittaker; EP, Jennifer Siegel; Producer, Scott Craig Editorial: Cut and Run Editor, Michael Douglas; Producer, Angie Aguilera; Telecine, The Mill/NY; Colorist, Fergus McCall Visual Effects: rhinofx Managing Director, Rick Wagonheim; EP, Camille Geier; VFX Supervisor, Vico Sharabani; VFX/Inferno Artists, John Budion, Udi Edni, Jim Rider, Ricky Weissman; Producer, Linda Gallagher Sound Design: Amber Music Sound Designer, Bill Chesley Audio: Sound Lounge Mixer, Glen Landrum

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