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Miller High Life "Girl on the Moon"


Friday, Jul. 21, 2006


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In this sentimental ad, a voiceover reminisces to the tune of Hans Zimmer's "You're so cool" about "one hundred years of moments." A slideshow unveils celebratory images from the development of New York City to Ray Charles' musical genius to gatherings of family and friends that bring smiles to the surface.  The voiceover reveals herself as "The Girl in the Moon" and says she wants to share everything there is to savor, as the message "Savor The High Life" completes the slideshow.


Agency: Wieden+Kennedy | Portland Creative Director, Susan Hoffman; CWs, Charlotte Moore, Kathy Hepinstall, Brian Ford; AD, Storm Tharp; Producer, Adrienne Daniel; Executive Producer, Jeff Selis Editorial: MacKenzie Cutler Editor, Jun Diaz; Executive Producer, Melissa Miller Visual Effects: The Mill New York VFX Supervisors, Aron Hjatarson, Westley Sarokin; Lead flam artist, Westley Sarokin; Flame artist, Westley Sarokin; Online editors, Aidan Thomas, Jeff Robins; Lead 3d artist, Aron Hjatarson; 3d artists, Yann Mabille, Wyatt Savarese, Dylan Maxwell; Shake, Chris Maynard; Support, Greg Gilpatrick, Jeanette Williford; VFX Producer, Wendy Garfinkle; 3d Operations Manager, Asher Edwards

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