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Traveler's "Bridge"


Friday, Jul. 21, 2006


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A man amazes a village as he is able to fly thanks to a pair of oversized wings he developed. As he soars over a river, one bystander isn't impressed, noting that the man in flight can't swim. "Your risks are always evolving," says a voiceover. "Shouldn't your insurance stay in synch?"


Agency: Fallon Minneapolis Todd Riddle, group creative director; Dean Hanson, art director; Dean Buckhorn, copywriter; Brian DiLorenzo, director of broadcast, North America; Vic Palumbo, executive producer; Jim Haight, assistant producer. Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks Noam Murro, director; Toby Irwin, DP; Shawn Tessaro, executive producer; Jay Veal, line producer/U.S.; Sherry Baumgart, line producer/CZ; John Beard, production designer. Shot on location outside of Prague. Editorial: Whitehouse Post Productions, London The Whitehouse, London, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York.
Russell Icke, editor; Dan Maloney, assistant editor; Sue Dawson, executive producer; Melanie Klein, producer/New York; Kate O�Mulloy, producer/London. Postproduction: The Mill New York Fergus McCall, colorist Visual Effects: Framestore NY Mike McGee, VFX supervisor; Stephane Allender, lead Inferno artist; Ben Cronin, Tim Osbourne and Marcelo Pasqualino, Inferno artists; Dean Robinson and Simon French,

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