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Hyundai Sonata's "World on Its Head"


Thursday, Jun. 15, 2006


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A Hyundai Sonata hugs the road as other vehicles and objects all around it tumble through the air. In this topsy-turvy world, the Sonata stays on course. As the car drives off, upside down yet firmly on the thoroughfare, a graphic appears reading, "Rethink Everything."


Agency: The Richards Group, Inc. Steve Levit, brand creative group head; Bob Brihn, art director; Tina Johnson, copywriter; J.R. Dixon, producer. Production Company: HSI Productions Gerard de Thame, director/DP; Fabyan Daw, Maddi Carlton, executive producer Editorial: Whitehouse Post Productions, Santa Monica Kevin Zimmerman, editor; Gail Butler, producer Visual Effects: Method Siggy Ferstl, colorist; Rhubie Jovanov, executive producer; Matt Moran, producer. Andy MacDonald, creative director/VFX supervisor; Andy Davis, lead compositor; Wensen Ho, Kelly Bumbarger, Sean Wilson and Simon Holden, compositors; Kurt Lawson, Cecile Tecson, Robert Tatum and Josh Bolin junior compositors; Andy Lesniak, Richard Wardlow, Mike Johnson, Marcus LeVere, Dave Carlson and Ron Griswold, Casey Schatz, Joshua Wassung, Brian Weaver, CG artists; Matthew McManus, D. Todd Davidovich, VFX executive producers; Robert Owens, VFX producer; Ananda Reavis, associate producer; Susan T. O'Neal, head of production.

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