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Regions Bank's "Chairs"


Thursday, Jun. 8, 2006


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Stop motion animation of furniture, primarily chairs, shows the progression over the years of a young law student all the way through career building, marriage, parenthood, his kids leaving the nest, and now retirement. The story is told sans any people; the furniture, in home as well as at the office, simply shows how a man and his loved ones' lives have progressed through the decades.


Agency: Creative On Demand Priscilla Cortizas, Daniel Marrero, partners/creative directors; Andres Arlia, senior copywriter; Patty Rodriguez, producer; Jose Quijano, integrated marketing manager. Production Company: Rhythm + Hues Commercial Studios Steve Beck, director; Paul Babb, executive producer; Kat Dillon, Head of production, live action; Joel Zimmerman, producer; Al �Tiko� Pavoni, DP. Editorial: Miami Edit, Miami,Rhythm + Hues Commercial Studios Diego Enriquez, editor,Jay Lizarraga, editor Postproduction: Rhythm + Hues Commercial Studios Steve Wellington, online editor; Lisa White, head of production, commercial digital; Jon Derovan, post producer; Eric DeHaven, lead Flame artist; Hilary Sperling, Flame artist; Sheri Cruz, roto artist; Nathan Brunskill, Jenny McGee, 2D artists. Audio: Outpost Audio Steve Johnston, audio engineer

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