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Farmers Insurance's "Level 5"


Friday, Jun. 2, 2006


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CG character "The Lord of Mishap" wreaks havoc on a residential neighborhood, throwing firebombs which set a house ablaze. A car slams into a power pole, which topples over. However, in a heartbeat, all the damage is reversed. Turns out we're in the throes of a videogame being played by Farmers Insurance staffers who have reached "Level 5" and are able to instantly counteract disaster. The menacing Lord of Mishap is reduced to utter helplessness.


Agency: Campbell Ewald | Los Angeles Bill Ludwig, chief creative officer; Debbie Karnowsky, executive creative director; Mike Conboy, associate creative director/art director; Neville Anderson, associate creative director/copywriter; Bob Solano, head of production; John Haggerty, executive producer.

Production Company: Aero Film Klaus Obermeyer, director/DP; Skip Short, executive producer; Lance O'Connor, producer; Bernie Wesson, head of production; Kate Thumann, production supervisor.

Editorial: Aero Film Barnett Kiel, editor; Stephan Malik, assistant editor; Bernie Wesson, producer

Postproduction: Company 3 Los Angeles Stefan Sonnenfeld, colorist

Visual Effects: House of Moves Capture Studios,Movie Arms Management,Sight Effects Inc Mike Jantz, motion capture supervisor; Scott Gagain, executive producer; Chris Bellaci, production manager.

,Zuma Jay, pyrotechnics expert

,Melissa Davies, executive producer/visual effects supervisor; Adrian Hurley,
visual effe

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