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Tractor Supply Company's "Headed To TSC"


Friday, May. 26, 2006


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Still life proves to be amusingly moving in this spot in which static characters Ed and Dale interact, with the former asking the latter to pick up some goodies at Tractor Supply Company (TSC). Dale is happy to oblige, until Ed asks him to haul home a 35-ton log splitter from TSC. Dale's facial expression advances the understated, dry humor of the spot.


Agency: Carmichael Lynch Peter McHugh, chief creative officer; Jim Nelson, executive creative director; Randy Tatum, creative director/art director; Steve Casey, creative director/copywriter; Jack Steinmann, producer. Production Company: Bent Image Lab Paul Harrod, director; Ray Di Carlo, executive producer; Chel White, creative partner; Mark Axton, producer; Jesse Geisheker, art director; Mark Eifert, DP/still photographer; Gayle Griffin, coordinator. Shot on stage at Bent Image Lab and on location in Shasta, Ukiah and the Salinas Valley areas of California. Editorial: King Cut Kelly McLean, editor; Jon Weigand, assistant editor. Postproduction: Downstream, Portland,Bent Image Lab Jim Barrett, colorist.,Orland Nutt, Jon Weigand and Eric Scheur, composite artists. Music: BrahmstedtWhiteNoise Ken Brahmstedt, composer/arranger; Carl White, sound designer. Audio: BrahmstedtWhiteNoise Carl White, mixer

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