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Lexus' Science of Desire: Chocolate


Friday, May. 19, 2006


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In this series of three documentary shorts, each portrays a different artisan�a chocolate maker, a perfumer, and a champagne vintner. Their dedication to their craft and the perfection of their product is paralleled to the commitment to goes into the making of the 2007 Lexus ES 350.


Agency: Team One Ginger Christensen, group management supervisor, integration manager; Chris Graves, executive creative director; James Dalthorp, Jon Pearce, group creative directors; James Hendry, associate creative director; Kathy Hepinstall, senior copywriter; Jack Epsteen, executive producer; Leah Bohl, assistant producer; Paul Mareski, executive director of account services; Matt Van Dyke, group account director; Jennifer Austin, account supervisor. Production Company: Boxer Films Jeffrey DeChausse, director; John Clark, executive producer; John Quinn, head of production; Mark Fox, producer; Jordan Valenti, DP. Editorial: B17 Editorial,B17 Editorial Rob Groenwold, Pedram Torbati, editors; Beth George, executive producer,Rob Groenwold, Pedram Torbati, editors; Beth George, executive producer Postproduction: Method,The Syndicate Siggy Ferstl, colorist,Bob Curreri, colorist Audio: Juice West Bob Gremore, audio post mixer

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