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Heal The Bay's "If They Could"


Wednesday, Apr. 26, 2006


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A girl builds a sandcastle at the beach. She looks curiously at something out of our sight�but not for long. We see a small crab walk by�a label with a number is on its shell. He is then joined by other crabs, each with a number. Next we see a pelican, a starfish and other marine life adorned with numbers. A voiceover relates, "If they could, they would. Run the Carpe Diem Santa Monica Classic. A 10K-5K run. All proceeds benefit Heal the Bay."


Agency: Secret Weapon Marketing Dick Sittig, creative director; Cameron Webb, art director; Leah Dieterich, copywriter; Kait Gaskey, producer. Production Company: Crossroads Productions, Inc. Marcus McCollum, director; Peter Abraham, executive producer; John Nelson, producer; Doug Hostetter, DP Editorial: Cut + Run, LA Jay Nelson, editor; Christie Cash, executive producer Postproduction: Rushes, Los Angeles Chico Dowden, colorist Visual Effects: Cut + Run, LA Mitch Gardiner, online editor/visual effects supervisor Audio: Church Audio Post, Culver City, Calif. Matt Temple, audio post mixer; Marty Church, producer

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