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Dodge Caliber, "Too Tough"


Thursday, Apr. 20, 2006


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A wand-wielding Tinkerball-like fairy flies through a modern day city. A flick of her wand turns an office building into a gingerbread house, and a commuter train into a toy choo-choo. However her wand is to no avail when she tries to alter a hard-charging Dodge Caliber. In fact, her last pixie dust shot at the car boomerangs back at her, knocking the magical being to the ground. A young tough guy laughs at her plight, at which point she proves she still has the magical touch, transforming him into a preppie type and his macho dog into four small fluffy canines. A voiceover informs us that the Caliber is "anything but cute."


Agency: BBDO North America, Atmosphere BBDO David Lubars, Bill Bruce, chief creative officers; Dan Councilor, associate creative director/art director; Matt Sicko, associate creative director/copywriter; Hyatt Choate, executive producer; Tara Leinwohl, assistant producer; Loren Parkins, executive music producer Production Company: Smuggler Brian Beletic, director; Ben Serensin, DP. Editorial: Nomad Editorial Company Tom Muldoon, editor; Pete D�Andrea, assistant editor Music: Emoto Tony Morales, John Adair, composers; Paul Schultz, executive producer. Sound Design: Nomad Editorial Company Francois Blaignan, sound designer Audio: Sound Lounge Tom Jucarone, mixer

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