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DirecTV's "Hold Please"


Monday, Apr. 17, 2006


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This odd couple scenario pairs Stan, a nice regular guy, with his roommate from hell, cable repairman Otto. The latter is inconsiderate and unreliable at every turn; in this spot, the phone rings, Otto picks it up, says "Hold Please," and then reclines back on the couch. Bewildered by his roomie's behavior, Stan then grabs the phone to find out who's calling�turns out it's his mom. The tagline: "Nobody should have to live with cable."


Agency: BBDO West Jim Lesser, executive creative director; James Brown, copywriter; Jason Roberts, art director; Tito Melega, associate creative director; Lyra Rider, producer. Production Company: harvest Michael Downing, director; Anthony Wolberg, DP; Bonnie Goldfarb and Scott Howard, executive producers; Francie Moore, producer. Shot on location in Los Angeles. Editorial: hutchco technologies Jim Hutchins, editor; Steve Miller, assistant editor; Jane Hutchins, producer. Postproduction: Bobine Video Inc. Jais Lamaire, colorist; Julie Airali, producer Sound Design: Stimmung Gus Koven, sound designer; Kelly Fuller, executive producer. Audio: Eleven Jeff Payne, mixer.

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